Secure payment

Our secure payment

When you perform any action on the internet the information is sent over public network, in order to make your information and actions private, your information and actions must be encrypted so that only you and the website that you are on can decode your information. This is done through SSL certificates or Secure Socket Layer as developed by Mark Shuttleworth. This technology makes sure that the information you send only goes to its intended source.

When The Fresh Market requests any information from you it is encrypted with SSL this is true for when you register, when you process your order and most importantly when you give your payment details. At any of these stages you will notice a pad lock that appears at the top of your browser and the web address is change from http:/ to https:/ this indicates that your information is secured through SSL.


When we process your credit card information all data is encrypted so it cannot be read and is only decrypted once the order is prepared and payment must be made with your details. Once the payment is made all the encrypted credit card information is deleted off the our data base for extra security and your piece of mind.